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Rolling Plans Private Limited (RPPL) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified largest business process management (BPM) firm in Nepal specialized mainly on business process outsourcing and HR consulting firm having intensity of its services in business process management (BPM) service and institutional development since 2004.Rolling Plans is highly preferred by many organizations for various services to provide in the field of Staffing service and BPM Services. We are providing various outsourcing service to national and international clients including banks and financial institutions, international development agencies, non-government organizations, government and semi-government projects, universities and educational institutions, private and public limited companies. We have a sound track record of successful execution of our services.

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Regarded as highly well-equipped and skilled professionals in the lead generation and telemarketing industries, the outbound telemarketing services of Rolling Plans are second to none. Putting in place a professional telemarketing campaign can have a tremendous impact on capturing additional market share, and increasing the revenue of your company – sometimes by as much as 150%.

The key to successful lead generation and business appointment setting campaigns is to hire well-trained telemarketing professionals. We help our clients achieve their goals, and expand their market share by working with top-notch lead generation and appointment setting specialists. Below are the major tasks our outbound contact center professional’s focus on every day for our clients in Nepal and around the world:

  • Appointment Setting
  • Market Research & Surveys
  • Lead Generation
  • Database Cleansing
  • Any other types of Outbound Calling Services

In addition to that, it's also noteworthy to mention that our outbound telemarketing training programs are put together by professionals who have a 20-year Sales & Marketing experience. This makes them highly skilled and confident in the following tasks:

  • Appointment Setting & Lead Generation
  • Prospecting for New Business / Quality Sales Leads
  • Getting Past Screeners and Gatekeepers
  • Presenting Products and Services
  • Reducing / Overcoming Objections
  • Negotiating & Servicing

Contact us now and get started with your telemarketing campaign with Rolling Plans. We are pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our outbound call center pricing set-up, too, which are highly competitive. So, grab that phone and give us a call today – we look forward to hearing from you.

Rolling Plans' Inbound Customer Support is designed specifically to maximize the efficiency of the marketing efforts of your company. As a highly professional inbound call center, we always aim to put together the soundest inbound technical support set-up possible for your business, or perhaps a professional contact center customer service campaign, while working with you closely as a business partner. Rolling Plans can help you establish rapport and gain trust with your clients whenever they call the customer support lines that are manned by your Rolling Plans staff, to handle enquiries associated with your products and services. Here are the major services that Rolling Plans’ Inbound Customer Service executives can provide for your business, 24/7:

  • Order Taking & Processing
  • Customer Relationship Management Programs
  • Product & Services Up-selling Campaigns
  • Technical Support and Traditional “Help Line” Support
  • Directory Assistance
  • Managing Overflow Calls
  • And a lot more

The IT infrastructure of Rolling Plans is genuinely state-of-the-art, utilizing the best software and hardware available today in our industry, with unparalleled voice quality. This is also coupled with excellent training programs specially developed with Six Sigma principles in mind. All in all, you will have in your hands a truly incomparable customer service partner. Contact Rolling Plans today with your specific business requirement and one of our client liaison executives will be happy to talk through every aspect in relation to your outsourced campaign – all at absolutely no obligation. Keep in mind that we tailor-design every campaign that we craft for our clients. With that, you can rest assured of one thing when you utilize Rolling Plans’s Inbound Customer Support Call Center services – The success of your business.

The Rolling Group head office is based in the hustle and bustle area of Bijulibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Our facility is a state-of-the-art, yet simple, trouble-free, vibrant and professional environment. Our offices are colored brightly to create a more conducive environment for professional and fulfilling business to take place, as well as keeping energy levels at an all-time high.

We offer our clients a fully integrated business partnership set-up. With the room to expand and handle pretty much any sized campaign in a relatively short period of time, each caller seat is equipped with a brand new duo core computer, along with LCD screen monitor, professional, high-quality headset, back-up IP phones and emergency power back-up. All our outsourcing staffing stations are also equipped with software that allows clients to snoop and even barge in on live calls (for voice campaigns) so you can see how your staff members are improving as time goes by.

At the center of our facility, we also house countless CISCO routers, firewall routers to boost security, large screen projectors for web conferencing and training sessions, wired and wireless routers, and a multitude of brand new in-house servers, which hold digital recordings of each and every call that, takes place, both inbound and outbound. We store each and every call that comes in, or is made on-site, via our own servers. No remote hosting.

We understand that our business revolves around the telephone, so we have not one, two or three – but, FOUR High Speed Broadband Internet Connection with the country’s biggest fiber-optic Telco companies, as well as primary and back-up VOIP providers, too. Plus, a fully automated dedicated power generator (in addition to the main building).

This guarantee is virtually ZERO downtime. Specializing in B2B and B2C campaigns, our outsourcing facility is open 24 hours a day, assuring you that we will be at your service whenever you need us.

Rolling Plans has a management methodology that shies away from strictly sticking to the status quo. With a team of highly qualified business planners, we execute better solutions because of non-stop innovation. We have grown fast over the years, and in the process of growing, we have kept our business processes intact. We are strategic and focused with the way we manage projects that complies with the four principles of project management:

Project Initiation » Project Planning » Project Execution » Project Closure

Our business processes are always updated to keep up with the challenge of the ever-growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

We are group of highly skilled and highly trained workforce dedicated to providing Customer Solutions. Each employee has been carefully chosen based on a certain set of criteria depending on the positions required. One of the most important traits that our team possesses is flexibility, enabling them to effectively adjust to different client needs and deliver desired results.

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In the business world, it’s all about maximizing growth and gaining market share. One thing we emphasize is that YOU WILL experience both with the Rolling Group.

Rolling Contact Center is a privately owned call center offering quality inbound call center services and support, along with providing comprehensive B2C and B2B Telemarketing services and complete business outsourcing solutions such as Appointment Setting and Lead Generation services.

With over 8 years in business and a collective 3+ years in call center management, we’ve worked in every major industry, helping a plethora of clients increase their business revenues, from day one.

Our caring customer service representatives and tenacious telemarketing executives not only have the skills, personalities, zest and energy needed to convincingly get the job done day in, day out, but they also have the desire to over-achieve and to outshine the competition.

All our staff come with the educational backgrounds you would want from an employee closer to ‘home’, and we strongly support everyone in maturing and coming out of their individual shells to enable professional brilliance at all ends of the corporate scale.

At Rolling Plans, we are consumed with partnering with our clients in every sense of the word. We believe that our thought process should be like yours – concentrating on saving money, but at the same time cultivating an offshore outsourcing campaign that will outshine anything you have ever put together in the past to maximize customer focus and service, as well as produce amazing results – all leading to increased revenues.

Setting up your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) campaign has never been easier, and if you’ve already been outsourcing your Outbound Telemarketing and Customer Service set-up’s for a while, we’ll help you take things to the next level – with obvious wins across the board.

Why Outsource to Nepal?

  • With nearly 28 million population, Nepal provides a pool of English proficient, University Graduates who are schooled in English medium education and culture.
  • Labor costs are lower than most countries considering the quality and professionalism of the workforce.
  • Nepalese are very hospitable, service oriented and customer oriented people.
  • The Nepal Government is prioritizing the support of the local ICT industry.
  • Nepal is a growing market for IT professionals.
  • The hub, capital city, Kathmandu is equipped with modern telecommunications facilities as well as robust and highly redundant broadband IT infrastructure.
  • Nepal is home to a growing number of expatriates who have made the country a tourism and a retirement haven.

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